First-Time Home Buyer

What You Don’t Know About Your Credit Score…Could Cost You!

Informed consumers considering a home purchase today want to do the right thing and plan ahead.  Many do not seek immediate professional guidance from a Realtor or a mortgage loan officer.  Instead, they hunt for hours online, looking at numerous websites for available homes for sale.  They also consult websites to find the best interest […]

by Heather Mitchell on 10/14/14

Rural Eligibility Areas for USDA GRH Lending

As we are all aware, current rural eligibility areas are set to expire at midnight tonight with planned implementation of eligibility areas determined from 2010 census data. Many of you are asking what’s going on? What’s the latest? Have we heard anything new? Yes we have! We’ve been checking in regularly with our contacts at Rural […]

by Heather Mitchell on 1/16/14

Qualifying Mortgage (QM) Rule – Effective 01/10/14

QM Rule Basics: Borrower’s debt to income ratio must be 43 percent or less No negative amortization, interest only or balloon terms No amortization longer than 30 years Borrower’s income and assets verified Points and fees are 3 percent or less of the total loan amount (see below) Are there exceptions to the QM Rule? […]

by Heather Mitchell on 1/7/14
owning more affordable than rent in Dane County

Owning a Home More Affordable Than Renting

It is a common misconception among renters that homeownership is truly within their reach and can be more affordable than renting.   It may also be surprising to note that you don’t need a large income or down payment to get the ball rolling. For example, a yearly income of $50,000 qualifies you for an […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 6/8/11
homeowner tax tips

10 Common Errors Home Owners Make When Filing Taxes

By: G. M. Filisko Published: January 25, 2011 at Don’t rouse the IRS or pay more taxes than necessary—know the score on each home tax deduction and credit. Sin #1: Deducting the wrong year for property taxes You take a tax deduction for property taxes in the year you (or the holder of your […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 2/11/11

The Masters Of Real Estate

At Bunbury & Associates Realtors® we are excited to join in the conversations taking place online. As an industry, real estate professionals have quickly adapted to the evolution of social media; and as a company, we hope to blog about valuable information in order to make buying or selling a home more enjoyable (and less […]

by Bunbury Realtors on 11/2/09