Fall Home Maintenance

The days are getting shorter, and maybe there’s a nip in the air – Autumn is here at last.  Now is the perfect time to get your home in shape before Winter starts to take its toll, and while the weather is still pleasant enought to spend time outdoors. Seal it up: Caulk and seal around […]

by Harry Andruss on 9/22/15

New FHA Underwriting Guidelines

Starting September 14, 2015, several new underwriting guidelines for FHA Loans will go into effect with the release of the updated FHA Handbook.  Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is prepared for these revisions and wants you to stay informed on how these changes could affect your clients. GENERAL CHANGES Age of Documentation: Documents used in the origination and […]

by Heather Mitchell on 9/15/15

Consider the Long-term Benefits of the 15-year Mortgage

When you’re shopping for a mortgage, you should at least consider the 15-year option.  The payments will be higher than on a 30-year mortgage, but the long-term benefits are considerable. First, interest rates are typically lower on 15-year mortgages than on their 30-year counterparts.  A 0.75% difference in interest rates may sound minimal but taken […]

by Dan Leeder on 9/10/15

How to Ensure Your Mortgage Will Be Approved

In these days of ever-watchful lenders, you, as a consumer, can put yourself in the best possible position to be approved for a mortgage by taking a few simple, common sense steps before you start your home search. The first step is ensuring you are paying your bills on time.  As simple as this sounds, lenders […]

by Dan Leeder on 9/8/15

Consider Getting Rid of Your Wood Burning Fireplace

Believe it or not we are only a few months away from cold weather.  So it’s time to start thinking about energy efficient home improvements.  Why on earth would you ever get rid of your wood burning fireplace?  Why eliminate that warm crackling sound on a cold winters night?  The reason you should consider it […]

by Nick Siglinsky on 9/1/15

Water Quality

Community water systems are required to test and monitor drinking water supplies to ensure safe and good-tasting water.  But what happens once the water has been piped to towns, neighborhoods, and homes? Older homes may still have service lines made of lead going into the home, which can result in unacceptable levels of lead leaching […]

by Harry Andruss on 8/18/15

Why Wait to Purchase?

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by Heather Mitchell on 8/13/15

The Importance of Your Debt-to-Income Ratios

There are several ratios that lenders use in the mortgage qualification process; one of the most important of these is the debt-to-income ratio.  This compares how much of certain types of debt you have to how much you earn. Income calculations are always done on a gross, or before-tax, basis.  There are actually two debt-to-income […]

by Dan Leeder on 8/11/15

Choosing the Right Type of Tile Layout

Brick Style – This is the classic layout that you see in most subway tile.  Each row of title is offsets it by half the length of the tile below it.  The long horizontal lines can help elongate a room and this style is generally universal for any space. Stack Pattern – This pattern type takes the […]

by Nick Siglinsky on 8/6/15

Canceling Private Mortgage Insurance

The federal Homeowners Protection Act has provisions for canceling private mortgage insurance.  In addition, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have additional guidelines for both borrower-requested and automatic MI cancellation that apply to their respective loans. With borrower-requested cancellation, homeowners can – under certain circumstances – initiate cancellation earlier than would otherwise occur automatically (when the […]

by Heather Mitchell on 7/21/15