The Contractor Questionnaire/Checklist Before you Start

The Contractor Questionnaire/Checklist Before you Start

There are many vital questions you need to ask before starting your next project.  Most of them pertain to the details of the remodeling plan.  But that means often you forget to ask about the details of process.  Here is a quick list to help you through the first week of your project.  

What are the Working Days and Hours
When can you expect people to arrive at your home?  Don’t get caught unaware.  Also when you would like them out at the end of the day?  The choice is your’s, but it needs to be communicated.

Dumpster Placement
It’s going to take up a good amount of space and a necessity of the project.  Make sure it’s in place to not cause damage or be in your way.

How are we going to access and secure the home when we or you are not around?  Do you have a garage or lock codes, otherwise we have a door lock box available for each project?

Where are your utility shut offs located?  Where is the water, gas, and electricity shut offs at?  Is there anything connected to it that is vitally important if it were to be shut off?

Pets Or Other People
Are there any pets we should be concerned about with aggressive behavior, or being accidentally let out when loading materials?  Are there other people(kids) that will come in unannounced at times, etc?

Who is our main point of contact onsite for the project?  If you have a significant other – and it’s both of you, we will need you both present at the same time for onsite meetings, discussions, and changes.  It’s generally easier if one person is appointed the main contact and then communication is relayed.

We want your project to be as smooth and as painless as you do.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us to help plan your next remodel.

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